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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Shoe Box

I've change the title "Blog Archive" into "blog shoe box" which reminded me of one of the kalokohans of the karibs (my high school barkada) it was during the time of the Edsa dos heat wherein President Estrada was on the verge of resigning and mass rallies were held in almost all parts of the philippines. Being young and radical we decided to make a donation box and pass them around...we took a shoebox and wrote: ERAP RESIGN...fortunately we earned a stork candy wrapper...but wasn't much for the junk shop to convert to ten pesos...hehe

But what about this shoebox anyway? we've all been high school students and it was during high school (also our teen years) were we learn how to be sentimental...so i got this shoe box and thats where i put all my "senti" things which i still have up to now. lots of letters, love letters, fan mailü, all the keys to the doors of our high school building (i think those were all the spare keys...or even the main keys ata hehe), even a small stone which we chipped off from Paoay church (circa 1500's)....i dont know pero uso ang maging klepto nung high school: mcdonald's straws, the waiting number, an A&W mug, Menus, even a street sign...heheü well at least we weren't into drugs or gangs then...kaya ok na din.ü


Camille said...

hi kuya gab.. what a start! 3 posts in a day? and a comment in my blog? hm.. i see potential ah.. good job and good luck to ur new blog! :) try to visit my friends dak's site.. he's really friendly to his readers.. he entertains them well.. he'd be glad if you'll visit his blog.. med student din sha.. nameet mo narin sha:)

oldschool said...

oo nga, I think this is the right place to express my sentiments and not at the beach...but you still owe me gab