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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Episode 1: Finally at LAST!

i wonder why this is my first time to write a blog though blogging has been present for some time now. but maybe here are the factors that made me not do this kind of homework:
1. i think i'm not much of a writer
2. i dont even know what to write
3. i am the type of person who would start something but would not finish (i started a "book" once and ended up with only around three pages...sayang katapat ko na sana sila JRR Tolkien ngayon...)
4. i'm a procrastinator, like i said i'm lazy (proud to be? but tell you what writing this would serve as a therapy you know...as a constant reminder of your weaknesses)
5. mahal ang internet connection (ung 20php per hour eh pwde na un ng 5 to 8 bullets sa paintball...so tsk waste of money tlga ang internet rent...)

but anyway apart from all these i'd still do my best to make a regular post of what happens sa clerkship at the Ospital ng Maynila...a place they say, that we PLM-CM clerks would have our hearts churned to be:

  • humble doctors (yup "boy" or "neng" ka lang ng mga nurses tipong "boy pa-push nga po ng para sa pasyenteng ito
  • intellectually competent (thanks to Harry-Go-rounds, we'll learn a lot of chinese words; or to dra Flores....how to have flight of ideas)
  • MacGyvers (imagine using a 5 gallon lalagyan ng refillable water for an incubator?)
  • Businessmen (we need to...kaysa naman na ung pambili ng i.v., etc ng pasyente eh galing sa pocket namin)
  • indiscriminate (you think you could touch a taong grasa whenever one arrives at the ER?)
  • and a lot more...so i guess clerkship would be a great thing that would happen in my life, as i quote from Janina San Miguel, "my Pamily are the most important persons in my life bow thank you" eeeeyng??? ano naman connection? heheü
here's a glimpse of something you don't get to see everyday...ala-perya:
another pic (conjoined twins????):
hahaha!! nope, that's my toddler and his tito john john hehe

so here ends my first post...like one of my batchmates has said, "to clerkship and beyond!"
and i quote Caesar: "alea jacta est!"

Ospital ng Maynila: such a lovely place, such a lovely face...you can check out anytime you want but you can never leave!!!


Ganda said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your first post! ;) Keep them coming!
Good Luck to your Clerking! Word ba yun? hehe! Sana wala kang ma-encounter na ala-House MD; pero ok din siguro kung meron. :)


dak said...

wow. another med blogger... hmmm... cyclops ba yun? hehehe... kawawa naman...

gabü said...

hi dak welcome! yup a baby born with cyclopia a rare chromosomal disorder...i think this baby expired already, sad to say. i wonder what happened during the prenatal period...was mom using any teatogenic drugs? or exposed to any teratogens? i'm really not so sure.

Camille said...

naku dak... wawa tpos hehehe? bad ka...:p

dak said...

@cams - onga noh, bat may hehehe dun?! weird... nde ko ata maisip yung term kaya ako nag-hehe. kawawa naman talga...